SINCE 2010 .New Zealand

TOPDHG has been developed with some of New Zealand’s foremost skin experts, who have successfully combined world leading ingredients with New Zealand Goat’s Milk, to produce top quality skin care products. TOPDHG’s mission is to bring top quality product with natural ingredients suitable for everyone to use.

All the miracles are coming from TOPDHG.

Skin care with TOPDHG natural goat milk is inspired by a sheepherder who found the magical skin care effect of goat milk in the 19th century in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is said that the elderly lady began collecting fresh goat milk with her hands every day in her own ranch. More than 30 years passed, although the face of the 50-year-old woman was old and wrinkled, her hands still kept pure white like young girls without any trace of age. The founder of TOPDHG brand has beautiful expectations for this legend, so he studied the skin beauty of goat milk in depth with several skin care experts, finding that EGF oligopeptide factor and rich nutrients in goat milk have magical effects on skin repair and beauty. After years of effort, “TOPDHG Goat’s Milk Moisturising Cream” finally appeared in 2010 and was named TOP&DHG (Develop High Grand). Based on the creation of high-grade products, TOPDHG has worked out one miracle after another with ingenuity. 

TOPDHG is a desirable product loving others as itself, insisting on the principle of creating beauty with natural health, and bringing natural ingredients to the world with high quality in combination with the world's top scientific and technological strength of skin care. 

TOPDHG adheres to the principle of creating beauty through nature and science 
Endless exploration and dedicated research for the ultimate products
Discover the infinite possibilities of beauty through the wisdom of nature